About Our Organization

Friends and Family of Asians with Special Needs (FFASN)
Where it all began

Our History

In the spring of 2004, The Harris Center for MH & IDD invited Tzu Chi Foundation USA Southern Region to sponsor its annual “Picnic in the Park” event for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Afterwards, Tzu Chi Foundation-Houston and several Asian families with special needs held planning meetings and founded Tzu Chi Support Group for Families with Special Needs in May of 2004. In June of 2008, the name was changed to Friends and Families of Asians with Special Needs (FFASN). Tzu Chi Foundation – Houston remains to be our founder and first friend.

Friends and Families of Asians with Special Needs (FFASN)

Our Mission

To assist individuals with special needs to overcome challenges through networking and community support. To promote public awareness of individuals with special needs through advocacy and integrated community activities.

Our Vision

  • To promote public awareness of individuals with special needs.
  • To reach out and unite different language groups within Asian community to better achieve our mission.
  • To develop collaborative partnerships with service agencies.
  • To develop multi-lingual, comprehensive resource information on FFASN web site.
  • To develop an adult day habilitation program for individual with special needs.
FFASN 2020 - 2021

Board of Directors

  • President: Beige Chen
  • Vice President: Shawna Chen
  • Secretary: Chung-Ying Chen
  • Members: Tina Lee, Luh Liang, Ping-Shen Song, Choo Saik Yeoh

Our Friends

♥ 慈濟基金會德州分會 (713-981-8966)
Tzu Chi Foundation. USA, Southern Region
6200 Corporate Dr. Houston, TX 77036

♥ 恩惠台灣基督長老教會 (713-776-2771)
Grace Taiwan Presbyterian Church
6250 Westline Dr. Houston,TX 77036


♥ 德州佛教會玉佛寺 (281-498-1616)
Texas Buddhist Assoc. Jade Buddha Temple
6969 Westbranch Dr., Houston, TX 77042


♥ The Harris Center for MH & IDD (713-970-7000)


♥ The Arc of Greater Houston (713-957-1600)


FFASN 2020 Sponsors


Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Involve Foundation Inc.
Jy-Tau Lin and Lynn L Chou
Lei-Lei Liu and Miin Liang


American Online Giving Foundation
Jennifer Golden


Ri Fu Chen
Harry Yuen


Chih-Chang Fu
Lorna Hawthorne
Kroger Community Rewards
Angie Liang
Luh Liang
Guichang Lin
PayPal Giving Fund